Randell Trulson
Engine Developer

Randell has worked for many software companies such as Symbios Logic, EMC, CrosStor, HP, Compaq and others. He has developed an array of software solutions from storage device tools and firmware all the way to GPS guided weapons software for the DOD. Game Development obviously the most logical and fun step forward; best decision ever!

twitter : @RandellTrulson

Cathy Trulson

Cathy has degrees in software development and business, as well as experience developing a multitude of software applications and tools. It is only natural that she excels at being a software lead in the development of our game projects and tool sets.

twitter : @CathyTrulson


    Neuron Games is a video game development studio specializing in the development of entertainment software for Windows, Xbox, iPad / iPhone, Android, and Linux. Comprised of software engineers with more than 40 years combined experience in design, implementation, and testing of software solutions and interactive entertainment. Neuron takes pride in its ability to create video games of the highest quality by leveraging the most advanced technology available.

    Established in 1997 by Randell and Cathy Trulson, Neuron was originally setup as a hobby company. With its first release of "The Farm Game" for DOS that got downloaded 100's of thousands of times, it was clear that the company wouldn't be a hobby forever. Other titles followed for DOS, Windows, Xbox, as well as collaboration of several iOS iPad games.

    Today Neuron is a developer of several genres of games for many different platforms thanks to the development of its in-house game development system know as Cortex. Cortex is a game development suite of tools and game engine that allow for the development of both 2D and 3D style games of any genre in parallel with uncompromised speed and flexibility.

Neuron is located on a 13 acre compound in the heart of the Ozark mountains sometimes referred to as Area-52.

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